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Encore Players of Livermore present: Lysistrata, adapted by San Francisco playwright Will
Huddleston, based on the ancient Greek play by Aristophanes. January 28, Feb 3, Feb 4 at
7:30, Jan. 29 and Feb 5 at 2 pm, Bothwell Arts Center (East End), 2466 8th St., Livermore.. All
tickets $25, available at, or at the door.
The story centers around Lysistrata (Desty Shoemaker), an Athenian woman who is tired of the
constant wars within Greece, and comes up with a plan —- unite all the women of Greece to
agree to abstain from sex until the men agree to a peace treaty. Along with her friends Kleonike
(Marsha Howard), Myrrhine (Nancy Wong), and Xantippe (Martha Losch), the women negotiate
with delegates from Sparta (Martie Muldoon), Korinth (Martha McDowell) and beyond to unite in
their efforts. The men, led by Socrates (Bill Leach), Homer (John Ruzicka) and the Magistrate
(J.D. Dozier) try various methods to out-duel the women, to no avail. The men become more
desperate to win back their women, as demonstrated by a frustrated Kinesias (Jim Lobao) trying
to seduce his wife Myrrhine. They hear from their counterparts from Sparta that they too are
ready to ‘conclude an honest peace’. The truce is declared and all are happily reunited.
Producer Martie Muldoon who also plays both male and female delegates from Sparta, says,
This play is hilarious, with lots of puns, innuendos and slap-stick comedy. The story is timeless,
and rings as true today as when it was written (in 411 B.C)
Director Diann McCann adds ‘the theme of the play is very relevant to what’s occurring
presently in our world. Hopefully, audiences will not only enjoy the comedic aspects of the play,
but will agree with its call for peace. Before starting rehearsals, McCannon met with the
Playwright, Will Huddleston, to further adapt his version (written in 2008 for City Lights Theater)
for Encore Players. The play features male and female Choruses, which enables many
additional players to join the fun, including Judy Fenton, Victorian King-Bowman, Andy
Bowman, Mike Correll-Feichtner, Ron Correll-Feichtner, Pat Goard, Kristen McCannon and
Jennifer Madden.
Bill Leach, who plays Socrates, adds: A lot of the fun in this play is watching Lysistrata try to
keep her women in line. They are no happier with the ‘No Sex’ rule than the men. It will be worth
the admission price to see and hear the verbal duel between the women’s leader Lysistrata and
the men’s leader, The Magistrate.
J. D. Dozier, as the Magistrate, says: I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to do this play. But I read it
and thought it’s Aristophanes meets Mel Brooks, so I was all in! I knew I could have some fun
with this character. Great cast and crew and making folks laugh; doesn’t get any better for me
as an actor.
Because of the adult nature and sexual innuendos, Encore recommends parental guidance for
anyone under 16. Encore Players asks that audience members wear masks when attending, to
protect the health and safety of cast, crew and audience